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A Platinum Patent is a money machine
in the making.

Patent prosecution is the craft of paving the way
for patent enrichment.

About Platinum Patents

Platinum Patents is dedicated to crafting patents for  inventors that maximize profit potential. We are definitely not interested in pursuing ideas that lack the possibility of payoff. Why? Because we'd be wasting your money and our time.

Platinum Patents is a boutique service, self-limiting to areas of sufficient expertise to bring maximum value to its clientele. Platinum Patents specializes in the following technology areas:

   computer software _ computer hardware
   Internet   networks
    e-commerce   electrical & electronics
   business methods   telecommunications
   video, audio   medical technologies
   semiconductor   manufacturing processes
   mechanical   consumer products

The Shine in Platinum Patents

Every patent agent knows the patent laws, and the rules of engagement for prosecuting patents. The Platinum Patents benefit is two-fold: 1) knowing the pitfalls that weaken patent protection and 2) clear communication.

Platinum Patents is a branch of Patent Hawk, the patent consultancy notorious for being a patent killing machine. Patent Hawk skill in patent invalidation gives Platinum Patents clients the edge in getting enforceable patents that can withstand challenge in court.

Yes, there are other talented patent prosecutors out there, though the norm, as in any profession, is mediocrity. For those serious about their invention, "good enough" isn't good enough for patent protection, because enforcement of weak claims is problematic at best.

Many prosecutors lack extensive litigation experience. While many patent litigators begin their career in prosecution, it is rare for litigators to continue prosecuting patents. Platinum Patents brings you prosecution skill steeped in litigation expertise.

If you are still wondering about us after you've read our web sites, learn about the patent scene from our weblog, the Patent Prospector, which covers every aspect of patents. We're in that deep.

Our Clients

We are selective about whom we accept for clients, because patenting isn't a job, it's a relationship with our clientele - if you are an inventor, you don't have just one good idea.

Horror stories are legion of court cases where even inventors have trouble understanding what their patent actually claims. Not acceptable at Platinum Patents. Claim language is legalese, but if an inventor can't wrestle it to comprehension, what hope could a judge or jury have in appreciating its merit?

Patents are an exercise in literacy. We appreciate clients who are avid readers and at least passable writers. You may be as actively involved in the application process as you would like. We enjoy mentoring our clients.


In 2007, nationwide, preparing a basic patent application cost, on average, $8,548, while writing an application for relatively complex computer-related technologies cost $13,684.

Platinum Patents delivers excellence. Platinum Patents is not a cut-rate business, especially with regard to quality.

Not average, yet we cost less than average. We don't butter our clients like they are corn cobs, getting ready to roast their wallets. We know what we are doing, and work efficiently and efficaciously.

Upon acceptance of a relationship, Platinum Patents takes an initial $5,000 retainer for utility patents, $1,500 for design patents. Work is prepaid on a continuing retainer basis. We refund what we don't require.

Our rate is $160 per hour. We do what it takes: no more, no less. What we don't do is fool around. We don't have time for that.

Some prosecutors work on a fixed fee. We don't think that is to your advantage, as it requires an estimation that is going to be hedged to the prosecutor's profit. Failing that, you have a less-than-thrilled prosecutor working for you. Not good.

About Jordan Kuhn

Jordan is a former USPTO patent examiner.

Besides being a registered patent agent, Jordan works extensively in patent litigation as part of Patent Hawk. Having such holistic experience with all aspects of patents enables Jordan to craft enforceable patents.

Jordan stays cool in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

USPTO registration: # 62,154

About Gary Odom

Gary Odom, aka Patent Hawk, is a pro se prosecutor of his own inventions. Gary has patents in several different computer technologies. As co-founder of Platinum Patents, Gary helps optimize patent potential for clients.

Gary founded Patent Hawk in 2001, a boutique consultancy offering a wide range of patent services.

Gary enjoys an urban lifestyle in the Pearl, downtown Portland, Oregon.


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